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Monday, August 29, 2011

Judgement Day ...

I suppose there's no better day to post my first entry than today being "Judgement Day", as stated in Terminator (I). Now, normally, this is not something I would ever know but today is also one of my co-worker's birthday who loves the Terminator series and won't let anyone forget how his birthday also coincides when "Judgement Day" is.

This blog site was created at the insistance of two other co-workers who wanted me to display/chronicle some of the things I make which up until now, could only be seen by friends and only through Facebook.  I was, and still am, kind of resistant to the idea of having a blog.  I feel it's quite redundant since I post most things to FB anyway.  So, since I am not expecting anyone else to read this other than those two, I'll just keep this short. 

Tuesdays is music night and I'm in charge of bringing dessert.  For tomorrow, I made oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip cookies as directed by this recipe found here:

Here is a picture of my result:

Is someone going to be receiving a "Daily Treat Special" tomorrow?


  1. Am I your first post?! Judgement Day, huh?...very interesting..see, if I didn't read this I wouldn't have known...

  2. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.